Welcome to The OK Chorale!


Effective July 12, 2016, our OK Chorale practices changed from
Monday evenings to Tuesday evenings.

Those practices continue to be held at Overholser Elementary School
at 6:30pm.


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Howdy Partner!


   We are the OK Chorale, a men’s A Capella chorus located in the OKC Metro area. We love our western roots and our barbershop style but don’t let that fool ya. We sing just about every style that we can find an arrangement for, in our pursuit of the perfect chord progression.  While I know that you are on the other end of a computer and can’t hear us singin’, man I wish you were here to hear it.


    Why don’t you join us this Tuesday evening for a rehearsal? We don’t have any crazy requirements like reading music, or being able to arrange 4-part harmony on a bar napkin. Oh, you caught that, did you? Over half of our musicians started out unable to read music, but had a burning desire to sing for the whole world to hear. If you can carry your part while others harmonize around you, or want to learn to do so, we want you to join us.


     If you are looking to hire the OK Chorale for your next engagement, party, or event we are ready to present our art form with a quartet, ELQ (Our OK Chorale Wranglers) or our chorus. You can head on over to the hire us page for more information.


    Make sure to check out our community events. This Christmas season we are providing a program for area 5th graders free of charge to aid teachers in meeting scholastic guidelines for music education. We are sponsoring a blood drive in November, and we have more great plans in the works. 

The OK Chorale

The OK ChoraleRehearsals: Tuesdays 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Overholser Elementary School
7900 NW 36th, Bethany, OK 73008

(SE corner of NW 36th & Council)
contact us

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